When Did They Stop Making The Isuzu Trooper?

TL:DR? It's all about the Benjamins, baby

If you've ever owned an Isuzu Trooper (regardless of which name yours was called, depending on your market) then you'll probably have one question:

"When did they stop making the Isuzu Trooper?"

After all, why would any manufacturer want to stop making such a great car? 

The Trooper was a reliable, strong, go-everywhere car that was genuinely capable.

In New Zealand, where I live, there are still tons of them on the road (generally badged as the Japanese import 'Bighorn' and getting very long in the tooth now).

But when did production stop?

The first Isuzu Trooper rolled off the production line in 1981.

The final Trooper was built in 2006. 

However, the last Troopers for the American market were built in 2002, with the model being replaced by the smaller Isuzu Ascender. 

So basically production continued for about four years after it ended for the American market.